How To Find a New Apartments in Hanoi

Find a New Apartments in Hanoi

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Lakeview serviced apartments in Hanoi
Lakeview serviced apartments in Hanoi

Apartments in Hanoi for expats is really easy to come by. However, housing goes very quickly because it’s in such high demand. If you find the perfect housing, you have to jump on it as fast as possible, otherwise someone else will be able to grab it right from under you! I began searching for an apartment and less than two weeks later I was unpacked and settled into an amazing apartment. Because the exchange rate works in the dollar’s favor, expats can find really nice, modern housing for cheap. Now that I have successfully navigated the Hanoi real estate market, I am here to help you do the same! So, here’s how to find housing in Hanoi:

What Type of Apartments in Hanoi Do You Want?

There are three options for housing to consider. The first is an apartments in Hanoi. It’s important to double-check what services you get. For instance, does the apartment have any type of security? What utilities are included in the rent and which aren’t? Every apartment is slightly different. The second is a serviced apartment. The rent includes a cleaning lady who will come a specified number of days a week, as well as a laundry service each week, and a doorman. The last option is to live in a house. Houses generally do not have a security system and utilities are often separate from rent. Each type of housing has its pros and cons that are important to consider when searching for a future home!

Which District in the City do You Want to Live In?

Hanoi is a big city with many districts to choose from, each offering something of their own. Some people prefer to be in the energy of the city, while others prefer to move away from the city center for a quieter, more relaxing experience. If you want to live in or very near the center of it all, choose Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, Dong Da or Hai Ba Trung. If you want to experience a quieter side of Hanoi, live in Tay Ho. Of course, parts of each district can be far from the city center so wherever you choose to live, do your research! You wouldn’t want to sign a year-long lease and hate the district you are living in.

Another thing to consider when choosing where to live is your location in relation to where you work. Traffic in Hanoi can be crazy, especially if you don’t have a motorbike. For example, friends of mine live in Tay Ho. Their commute to and from work has taken anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour and a half depending on traffic.

Where to Begin Your Search?

Type “Hanoi Real Estate Agency or Apartments for rent in Hanoi” into Google and a handful of reputable sites will come up. I found a web page with many listings can be found on more than one site. It is good to shop around between sites; sometimes if you work with multiple agents, an agent will cut you a deal. I also found that if I ran a search on a site, there would often not be a listing with my requirements {i.e. 3 bedroom, max price, etc.}. However, when I emailed agents, they responded with multiple options. Working directly with an agent can be a huge help! You will also get faster response times from them, as opposed to just contacting the general info email of a website.

How to Pay the Deposit and Your Rent

Most residences require that you pay a deposit equaling one month’s rent, plus three months (quarterly) rent when you move in and to continue paying quarterly rent payments for the duration of your lease. Paying quarterly means you will need a bulk sum of money before you can move into a permanent residence, as opposed to a hotel/hostel. Be sure to make note of this when you are planning for expenses before your move to Vietnam!

Additionally, many landlords need the deposit in order to save the apartment in Hanoi for you. This means you need to pay the deposit the day you look at the residence. If you wait to pay the deposit for 2 days, the apartment or house may already be taken. In order to pay the deposit the day you first see the apartment (if it’s definitely the residence you want!), be sure to ask the agent or landlord exactly how much you will need to pay, how to pay, and in what currency before you visit the apartment so you are prepared. This way, you will have the exact amount of cash on hand. Luckily, my landlord accepts both Vietnamese Dong and American Dollars! He also wanted the deposit in cash. ∗∗ This may not always be the case. I got lucky! My landlord promised to reserve the apartment for us, and therefore, allowed us to pay the deposit 2 days after seeing the apartment. But it’s good to be prepared! ∗∗

Bang for Your Buck

It’s amazing how far the dollar goes in Vietnam. Currently, the exchange rate is $1 = 22,670VND. Street food is generally $1-$4 (if you get a drink). A large bottle of water can be $0.55 and a Hanoi Beer is roughly $0.50 – $0.75 depending on the size.

So, how far can your Dollar go in regard to home? My apartment’s rent is $1,200 for a 3 bedroom, 2 bath apartment. My two roommates and I have the entire floor to ourselves and 24-hour security. We live in a good area of town, fairly close to the city center, with many restaurants, smoothie places, cafes, and street food options. I am on one of the top floors of my building, which means it’s quiet as a mouse up there. Our apartment has an oven (this is considered gold in Hanoi!), all modern appliances, and plenty of storage space. Plus, my shared bathroom has a jacuzzi bathtub and sauna shower. So basically, I feel like I am living like a queen…

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